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Insurance Consulting and Expert Witness Services

Since 1972, we have provided expert insurance consulting and have given our clients the upper hand in managing their assets and liabilities. We offer and in-depth review of your current coverage and assets, and work with you to develop a plan for your future. We provide on-going management of your insurance and financial portfolio. Founder, Wayne Citron, is an industry leader in life, health, disability, and property and casualty insurance. With 45 years of experience, he is uniquely qualified as an expert in forensic reconstruction of insurance transactions, specializing in policy interpretation of the rules, laws and regulations governing insurance matters.

We work with adjusters in Louisiana, New Jersey, Florida, Texas and several other states. When disaster strikes and your home or business property is destroyed or damaged, our experienced team can properly adjust your claim. We also work with lawyers in several of these states. While we do all that we can to avoid litigation, should your case require a lawyer to represent you and your claim against the insurance company, we offer experienced and professional lawyers for you to choose from.

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Our Philosophy

Our clients’ needs and interests always come first – this is how we earn and keep their trust. We are fee based, not commission based, we work for our clients.

Our History

CMC was established in 1972 by Wayne Citron who is a licensed insurance agent, broker, and consultant. Licensing was obtained by examination with continuing education in the fields of life, health, disability, variable annuities, property, casualty insurance, and mutual funds. Wayne Citron has solicited, placed, read and reviewed life, health, disability, variable annuities, property and casualty and mutual funds representing numerous insurance and investment companies.

FEMA challenge Hurricane SandyRecently volunteered for Ocean County Long Term Recovery Group (OCLTRG) in reopening Super Storm Sandy flood claims and examining National Flood Insurance Policies as well as dealing with FEMA in these matters (2015 & 2016).

Wayne Citron’s Resume