Are You Insured When Snow Damages Your Swimming Pool?

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Thoughts of having friends and family over to enjoy the swimming pool come to mind. However, this year there were several winter snow storms. They’re commonly called nor’easters. The youngsters enjoyed the sled riding, the building of snowmen, and of course the closing of schools. Some adults enjoyed the closing of their businesses and/or their employers’. Was everyone happy? I was not, and I am sure my homeowner’s insurance company was not.

Insurance Company Notified of Damage to In-ground Swimming Pool

My carefully winterized, in-ground outdoor pool accumulated snow on top of the cover. The cover couldn’t bear the weight of the snow and it ripped. The water in the pool bubbled up through the porous mesh cover. That caused the water to freeze, further damaging the cover and pool lining.

I contacted my insurance company to report the claim and documented the damage by sending them pictures. I purchased a blue tarp to cover the area of the ripped cover to minimize further damage. This is a necessary action per the policy requirements and done with the insurance company’s consent and acknowledgement. The damage couldn’t be permanently repaired because of the forecast of more inclement weather.

When the weather clears, and spring finally arrives, we will finalize the claim. At that time, the pool repair people will detail the damage and provide the appropriate estimate for repairs. That will include a new cover, maybe a new pool liner, cement repair to the decking, and of course replenishment of the water.

Until the arrival of spring, what I have to look forward to is an ongoing claim.

Being Properly Insured Makes A Difference

No one can stop the weather or keep snow from falling. By being properly insured with a reputable insurer you can minimize your damage and anxiety. And if warranted, you can hire a professional adjuster who works for you and carefully select your repair people to handle the damage.

Double-check your homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policy to be sure you have adequate coverage for all your belongings and property. Your insurance should cover replacement cost for both the building and the contents. Double-check the limit of liability for injuries to visitors, guests or damage to other people’s property to be sure it is adequate.

Insurance policy coverages are complex with products that are not always easy to understand and not automatically stacked in the insured’s favor. It helps to start with a trusted agent/broker. But, it is up to you to understand as much as you can. It is to that end I offer information. I want to shed light on these issues to help you become an informed insurance buyer and have the coverage you need for you, your family and your property.


Do not consider this article insurance advice. You should consult a licensed and reputable insurance broker who is familiar with your particular needs before purchasing insurance.