Assistance in Filing Flood Claims from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Flood ClaimsYou are probably still reeling from the aftermath of these massive hurricanes and the damage left in their wake. Personally, I have lived through Katrina and Sandy and so have a deep understanding of the emotional and financial toll that these kinds of catastrophes reign down on families and individuals.

But you don’t have to do this alone. As an insurance expert, I’ve been helping victims in these situations achieve the best possible outcomes. The most common complaint that we hear from insureds is that ‘this isn’t fair’ or ‘this makes no sense’. It would seem so but when it comes to contractual language, there are often several ways to interpret phrases and even more where a blind eye is turned that might put a claim in the insureds favor.

Remember, insurance companies look to turn a profit, so each claim paid diminishes their profitability. As an expert in the field, I help to interpret these policies so that nothing in your favor is overlooked.

If you are struggling to get your flood insurance claim filed or your homeowners insurance, or just feeling too overwhelmed to feel you can pay it proper attention, that is where I come in.

Insurance Policy Review

With a trained, experienced and careful eye, I review your policy(s) to understand your coverage and help you to navigate the murky waters of these contracts that are fraught with stipulations in the insurance company’s favor.

I have written and reviewed thousands of policies since 1972. I have served as an expert witness in hundreds of claims cases providing forensic reconstruction of insurance transactions and specialize in policy interpretation of the rules, laws and regulations governing insurance matters.

Flood Damage Claims Adjusters

I work with adjusters in Florida and Texas as well as several other states and we can properly adjust your claim. Insurance companies are overwhelmed with claims and there is no telling when they can get an adjuster to your property. When they do finally attend to your claim, the adjuster will certainly be overworked and exhausted, and likely unable to give your claim the attention that it deserves.

Personal and Property Damage Claims Requiring Legal Intervention

We also work with lawyers in several of these states. While we do all that we can to avoid litigation, should your case require a lawyer to represent you and your claim against the insurance company, we offer experienced and professional lawyers for you to choose from.

I would urge you to act quickly and Give us a call to explore how we might be of service.  One phone call to explore your options at no charge and with no obligation.