Life Insurance

Life insurance provides coverage against the untimely, premature, unexpected death of the insured. For the young family just starting out the premature death may leave enormous financial responsibility to the survivor spouse, raising children, home mortgage, college expenses, last expenses and everyday living. For the middle aged couple the expense are the same, possibly two mortgagees or a vacation second home, maybe providing care for aged parents, weddings, sweet sixteen’s, quality of life issues. For the older or retired couple some of the expenses life insurance can deal with include final expenses, estates taxes, preservation of a lifetime of assets come into the picture and the desire or need to leave money to children or grandchildren. In today’s economy, it is not unusual for parents to be helping with children who may have lost their jobs or moved back home.

The basic types of life insurance or whole life and term insurance. Both of these coverage’s have many variations and have their own distinct characterizes. Smokers or non-smokers, high blood pressure, diabetics, over weight, cancer survivors are all insurable. Please call for quotes 1-800-248-7661.