I have referred Wayne to a number of clients over the past 5 years. He is well accepted in his field. A pleasure to work with.
Joan McNeillRegional Manager at The TASA Group, Inc.
Wayne is an amazing person with unbelievable credentials in the Insurance field. His level of expertise is beyond recognition!Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative.
Michele MinnunoAccounting Professional
Wayne is a knowledgeable professional who cares about people.
Sylvia AbramsProfessor Emeritus of Jewish Education at Siegal College of Judaic Studies
No matter the challenge, Wayne has always demonstrated a great level of industry knowledge and offered great solutions with a complete description of options and their consequences. I feel as though when you hire Wayne, you not only get an expert but also a champion!
Mardy SitzerPrincipal, Bumblebee Design & Marketing
Wayne exemplifies the word "knowledgeable" when it comes to Insurance. He never gives up until he gets it "his way”, and he can get very creative to make things happen.”
Iris LurieBroker -Owner at C21 Mack Morris Iris Lurie Realtors
Almost 2 weeks ago I wrote about my reopen claim being denied and that they even stated I was overpaid. Thanks to George Kasimos-stopFemanow, I was hooked up with the Ocean County Long Term Recovery Group to appeal my claim instead if using the FEMA neutrals process. Over the last 2 weeks, I provided many of my docs working with Marie Robinson to collect my info and today we met with Wayne Citron, their insurance expert. Let me tell you what an awesome group this is and how blown away my wife and I were with Wayne. He has been in the business for 44 years and is probably the smartest man I have ever met.

If you already have a lawyer, that's great but if not, you need to contact these people and get out of the way and let them work. I am not easily impressed and like many others I have lost all hope till this point but even though I don't want to get my hopes up, this man has renewed my faith in that people are out there who genuinely want to use their knowledge, experience and contacts to help you just because you need help. I will keep you posted. Signed Hope.

Jay P WhalenMystic Islands, NJ
Wayne has repeatedly given very sound advice on financial and insurance matters.
Sue GarrettDirector of Administration at Louisiana Bar Foundation
Wayne's expertise and knowledge is outstanding. I would hire him again and again, over anyone.
Nancy EarlsGraphic Designer at Stone Hill Winery
Wayne is extremely thorough and will leave no stone unturned in his efforts to provide comprehensive and detailed findings for this clients. He does extensive research before making any recommendations leaving his client confident to move forward with his findings. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.
Sonny HenningOwner at One Stop Shopping Insurance
Wayne Citron is an "all I's dotted and all T's crossed" consultant. He is extremely educated in the Insurance and Financial Aspect of many genres of corporate workings. Seeking his advice on many endeavors, he has never given me anything except sound, solid experience and expertise in our workings. Your financial accounts will thrive using Mr. Citron's years of experience and education in any of your financial dealings. He is also a great friend and educator.
Karen MartinJB Goodwin Realtors-THE TURNER TEAM!
Wayne has helped me to obtain my financial goals. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and creative.
E cintronMilitary Professional
Wayne has been an exceptional help in guiding me with my finances. I appreciate his honesty and hard work in looking out for my best interest. I can always trust that he will provide sound financial advice to me and my family.
Matthew GreenChoir Teacher at Spring Branch ISD
Wayne is a detail-oriented person who is very knowledgeable of various aspects of finance and insurance.
Lisa GruberAccounting at RCB Developers, Inc.
Wayne provided insurance consulting services in a lawsuit on my client's behalf. His testimony was so beneficial that we were able to use that expert report to defeat plaintiff's claim for health insurance premiums in excess of $250,000; and, have the claim dismissed.
Brent Maggio
Wayne has good instincts and can always spot an idea that has money making potential. He has good math and business skills and follows through to make deals happen.
Jan ReeksKeller Williams Realty
Wayne is extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter of as an insurance consultant. He is reliable and works well with any deadlines.
Jared HaySalmon Ricchezza Singer and Turchi, LLP
I have worked with Wayne in the past and he is a businessman who can be trusted. Wayne is a very easy person to deal with during our business transaction and I would do business with him again.
Ryan MillerSr. Estimator at C&P Construction Company
I have been dealing with Wayne Citron for over 10 years.
He has consulted on various projects. I find his out of the box thinking extremely helpful. His creative approach has certainly helped my business in many different aspects.

Lewis MarcPhotographer at Hallmarc Photographers & Video
Wayne is hard working, experienced and knowledgeable in the insurance field.
Randy OpotowskyPartner - The Steeg Law Firm LLC
Wayne has been a pleasure to work with Wayne. His vast understanding of the workers compensation industry has made an otherwise tedious task into a seamless and efficient venture. I would recommend Wayne to any professional in the insurance and financial services industry.
Ashley HunterHM Risk Group - International Insurance Broker
Wayne is dedicated and detail-oriented. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone with insurance needs.
Danielle BabashoffAttorney at The Steeg Law Firm, LLC
I feel that any dealings that I have had with Mr. citron were positive. He has always been very cordial, informative, and helpful. I would be more than happy to add my recommendation.
William KearneyIndependent Security and Investigations Professional
Wayne is a detailed executive with superior knowledge and understanding of the insurance and financial consulting business. His experience in these arenas is unsurpassed. He is extremely aware of the bottom line and very sensitive to his client's needs while performing at a 110% level.
Doug GoberLive Oak Bank
Wayne's diligence with respect to his business decisions is unparalleled. One can feel reassured that his actions will be based on copious amounts of research leading to objective conclusions.
Wayne is able to separate professional from personal better than most, and I am privileged to be able to make this recommendation.

Victoria AmatoEntertainer at Pat O' Brien's
I can say without reservation that Wayne has an expert understanding of insurance coverage. He has a mastery of policy content and can articulate it clearly.
Linda Klafter
Wayne served as an expert witness for several litigation clients of mine. His creativity and intimate knowledge of insurance law helped me to back my adversaries up to the wall and, ultimately, settle their claims for far less than they had hoped. Surely, a far less successful outcome (on behalf of my clients) would have been achieved had Wayne not become involved. I wholeheartedly recommend Wayne to any attorney looking for a knowledgeable and hard-working expert witness who really knows how to think outside of the box.
Adam GlassmanThe Glassman Law Group
Wayne is very professional and is extremely knowledgeable in insurance contracts.
Delinda JohnsonInsurance Wholesaler at Guardian Life Insurance Company
Wayne consulted with the Condominium Association for the building I live in, in New Orleans. His detail-oriented examination of the Insurance for the building resulted in a decrease in premiums and an INCREASE in coverage. Since exterior Insurance is a big portion of a Condo budget here in New Orleans, the decrease in premiums helped management keep the same monthly fees and dues each unit owner pays at the 2010 level.
Terence RoffManaging Broker at Gardner, Realtors
Wayne is great to work with, pays attention to detail, and gets great results.
Bryan ChapmanStudio Director at CBS 3
I have been doing business with Wayne for many years. His attention to detail and knowledge has been extremely helpful.
Lewis MarcHallmarc Photographers & Video
Wayne served as my expert witness in litigation against a broker for failure to procure an appropriate policy. His report was well written and detailed and assisted me in negotiating a favorable settlement at mediation.
Kevin J. O'ConnorLum, Drasco & Positan LLC
Wayne advised us on our insurance claim after Hurricane Katrina. His one-hour fee was repaid a hundred fold in the knowledge he shared with us about how to deal with the insurance company. Also on one previous occasion after I had been dealing with an insurance company to get paid for months, Wayne freed up the money with one call to his friend the president of said insurance company in New York. What more can I say?
John AutinOwner, Rabadash Records and Music Consultant
Wayne Citron, per my perception, is unmatched in his knowledge and experience in the insurance industry. He's owned, operated, sold insurance over the past 40-something years. He insures all the taxis in NYC, e.g.
No worries if you can't make it today, or if this doesn't grab you.

Anywho - Each of us have had plenty of cases - auto, homeowners, flood, commercial, etc. - where there's some debate about coverage we get from the insurance adjusters and, later, attorneys.
As good as we are, with our experience, research, combined "brain trust," etc. - it has been pleasantly surprising what Wayne has been able to come up with to help overcome challenges - often off of the top of his head.

Of course, in addition to challenging cases, I've now started using him in storm damage cases, as he can look at any insurance appraisal of home damage, and - page by page - go through it and point out thousands of dollars in money they are not paying for second coats of paint owed, related work that must be done - e.g., outlets, when walls are done, but unmentioned in the report, plenty of other things that my own contractor/expert didn't think of, or didn't realize the insurer owes. Also 3rd party claims.

John W. RedmannAttorney
Thanks again for your help with Steven (the adjuster) yesterday and taking his phone call.
You have been awesome with my case and I cannot wait until hopefully it's closed soon with more $$.
Steven wrote me and stated:
Wayne was a pleasure to speak with and will be very helpful. Thank you. I will follow up with you and Wayne next week.
Thank you for being patient.

Thank you also for your telephone call yesterday. You are so interesting!

Stay safe in Louisiana.



Wendy Mccrann